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Support Network

Thrive Group Coaching cohorts - Support Network

A common trait among creative types, those who are pioneering something new, and innovative leaders is that they are able to imagine new possibilities that others might not be able to see. They are able to forge a path where there is often no path to follow, They are dreamers who ‘can do.’

However, the flip side is that it can be a lonely and painful place. Loneliness can stem from various factors such as not being understood, the weight of responsibility, the pressure to perform, the fear of vulnerability, the lack of peer support, the need to maintain a public image, and the absence of genuine human connections.

Tackle the symptons of loneliness…

This coaching group will help you explore  different ways of mitigating the effects of loneliness, develop self-care strategies as well as action steps to create your own personal support network with others.
Through this cohort, you will feel seen and heard as you create practical steps for building community with others in a group setting.

Group Sessions

The cohort will meet for six sessions on Mondays twice a month starting February 12 2024.

Time: 7.00pm Pacific Time
Length: 1.5 hours per session
Online: Zoom

Group Sessions Dates:
Click the date links to see the date and time in your part of the world.

Session #1: February 12
Session #2: February 26
Session #3: March 11
Session #4: March 25
Session #5: April 8
Session #6: April 22

Due to the participatory nature of the cohort, each participant is expected to attend all sessions. There will be no opportunity to reschedule missed sessions or refunds given.

Collaborate with Others in a Curated Gathering such as group coaching, workshops and retreats.


The investment is $300 for six two hour sessions which will result in an increased sense of well-being.

However, if you register by January 19, the price is only $250. Simply use the code NEWYEARS24 when registering.

Spaces are limited so don’t delay!