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Gain valuable expertise that will guide your organization towards  growth, vitality and deeper community impact.

Receive objective analysis and assessment of your organization’s health and sustainability as well as a customized strategic plan that is tailored to your organization’s unique needs and mission.


With a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with variety of churches, missional communities, nonprofits and social enterprises, I come alongside organizations with my expertise and help identify blind spots as well as opportunities for growth.

As A Consultant, I Can Help You

  • Make a deeper impact in your community;


  • Create strategies that aligns with organization’s mission, vision & values;

  • Solve financial challenges;


  • Strengthen and increase the effectiveness of your leadership team;

What It Includes

The consultancy process is customized according to the organization’s needs and desired outcomes.

The process can include but not limited to; assessments, interviews, surveys as well as meetings and engaging group exercises.

Included in every consultancy process are 1-2 reports highlighting an organization’s health, recommendations as well as a customized 6-12 month step-by-step plan for your organization. The process also includes opportunities to talk in depth about the report, recommendation as well as the customized step-by-step plan.

Coaching Add-On Option

If desired, there is also opportunity to add a coaching package to support you in the implementation of the step-by-step plan.

More info on the coaching process can be found here.

Unlock your leadership potential with coaching.

Lead Your Church Into a Hopeful Future

For churches that are unsure whether to pivot, close or merge with another congregation,  I am certified to provide a Cyclical Full Circle assessment which is designed to help plateaued and declining churches into congregation that is actively moving out of decline.

For more info about this assessment process, go here.

Take The Next Step

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a free discovery call so we can discuss your needs as well as next steps to start the consultancy process.