Gain practical insights on how to engage your community more meaningfully while on the go!

Join my friend & colleague, Ken Loyd, and me on the Rumors of Doing Good podcast as we share stories and chat with friends from across the world who are doing good in their communities, exploring and reflecting on their experiences of doing good and what we can learn from them.

These podcast conversations are designed for folks who want to engage meaningfully in their community in creative ways.

These conversations are:

Intentionally short, allowing you to listen whenever you find the time

Encouraging/inspiring, Find encouragement as you hear stories of success as well as of failures, about how folks got started and find inspiration for engaging with your community.

Diverse. Hear stories from ordinary folks from all over the world who are seeking to do good, from diverse backgrounds and engaging with a broad range of contexts and issues.

Stimulating. These conversations are designed to be reflective. As you listen to the conversations, you will find yourself reflecting on stories and issues raised from the conversations as well as reflecting on your community.

Ready to get started?

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S2 E1 Becoming a Spectator Rumors of Doing Good

Join Ken and Rob  as they kick off season two of Rumors of Doing Good talking about becoming curious instead of imposing their own rules when engaging different cultures as well as their experiences of engaging and respecting the cultural norms of folks who live outdoors as well as the anarchist community in their adventures of doing good. Cultural norms are the guidelines by which one lives. They are the common expectations, standards and rules that people in a social group follow to influence their behavior. Growing up in a particular culture, cultural standards are frequently learnt and reinforced via parents, friends, teachers and others.
  1. S2 E1 Becoming a Spectator
  2. S1 E13 I Wasn't Expecting That!?!
  3. S1 E12 Blessi Kumar – Making Space for Folks with Tuberculosis in the Developing World
  4. S1 E11 Everybody Now – Climate Emergency & Sacred Duty
  5. S1 E10 When Caring for Others Lead to Burnout Part II
  6. S1 E9 When Caring for Others Lead to Burnout Part I
  7. S1 E8 Vivian Brocato – Loving Folks on the Fringes in Orange County California
  8. S1 E7 Navigating Soft Entry Points
  9. S1 E6 Mark Seger – Facilitating Commuity Dinners in Vertical Neighborhoods
  10. S1 E5 The Beautiful News of Doing Good

What Others Are Saying…

These two gentlemen hold so much wisdom. I appreciate their stories and the conversations they are having with people involved in doing good on earth. Don’t wait!


Rob and Ken have put together something beautiful in this podcast, offering the stories of people we might never hear about who are doing amazing things (often very simply) in their communities.