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Hi there!


My name is Rob Schellert and am currently based in Portland, Oregon USA.


I come alongside pioneers, church planters, social entrepreneurs as well as missional communities through consultancy and coaching so they can lead well and make a difference in their communities in creative ways. In doing so I help folks and organizations to find creative ways to express their unique gift with the world.


The liminal space is the creative space between the known and the unknown. It is a place where new ideas emerge from the unknown, identities are forged through challenges, innovations sprout amidst chaos, and new possibilities arise.


How can I accompany you?

Unlock your leadership potential with coaching.

Unlock Your Creative Potential with Coaching

Are you ready to embark on a new journey? Whether you’re pioneering something new or seeking to develop your leadership and organizational potential, coaching can be a powerful tool to help you creatively lead and live well with meaning and purpose. Discover how coaching can support your growth and success.

Collaborate with Others in a Curated Gathering such as group coaching, workshops and retreats.

Collaborate with Others in a Curated Event

Are you seeking to develop and run your ideas with others? Whether seeking to expand an existing idea or network with others, a curated gathering is an excellent opportunity to play with new ideas, meet others, and receive support in a group setting. Find out more info about upcoming workshops, and retreats.

Get Inspired with a Keynote or Workshop,

Get Inspired with a Keynote or Workshop

Looking to inspire your organization towards greater creativity and/or community engagement? Whether you want to inspire your organization with a keynote or help it grow in its capacity to live and lead well, a keynote or a workshop can help you take it to the next level. Find out how I can come and deliver a keynote talk or train your organization.