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Written from within the no-man’s land  which divides the faithful church and the radical anarchist movement, Without Borders explores the human tendency to reinforce structures that keep people separated from one another. Taking examples and teachings from the life of Jesus, Rob Schellert demonstrates theologically and practically how individuals and communities can break down the barriers that separate us from them. A challenge for professionals, pensioners, pranksters, pew-warmers and pub-crawlers to meaningfully engage the other.

In my first full-length book, I reflect on my experiences of learning what it means to love our neighbors as we love ourselves through the lens of incarnational mission amongst the activist community.

The book’s first half provides a theological foundation reflecting how and why borders come to exist, reflecting how Jesus tore down these borders and invites us to journey with him across the borders, which enforces an “us and them” mentality. In the second half, I reflect on some core practices that I have found helpful towards meaningfully engaging with the other.

Published Year: 2013
Publisher: Catalyst Pressings
ISBN: 978 0 9926637 0 4

What Readers Have Said…

Winsome and passionate, Rob Schellert is a new voice inviting us to pattern our lives on Jesus’ offer of absolute hospitality from God, to live without borders and to be utterly present with others. Without Borders is both readable and challenging. It is a gift to the church.

Michael Frostauthor, The Shaping of Things to Come, Exiles and The Road to Missional

Rob Schellert is an activist who ruthlessly tears down walls between ‘us’ and ‘them’. He shows us how to do it ourselves through relational stories and a well-developed theology. Rob posits, ‘Reckless acts of community is the outcome when we find our lives ruined for the ordinary by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.’

By leading creatively from the edge of chaos he demonstrates his radical hospitality, which will inspire the reader to value the lifestyle of the ‘other’ which may not seem legitimate to the untrained eye. Rob Schellert is a provocative and practical voice for those who dream of the future church.

Deborah LoydEducator, Church Planter and Provacatour

Rob Schellert does life, pursues justice and enjoys friendships with many who are regarded as unacceptable in church and society. Drawing on biblical and contemporary stories, he challenges us to move beyond ‘charity’ and ‘outreach’, beyond typecasting and seclusion, to embrace the ‘other’, practise hospitality and stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and victimised. His book is easy to read but invites us to costly choices and commitments.

Stuart Murray,author, Multi-Voiced Church, Post-Christendom, and The Naked Anabaptist