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The reasons people seek out coaching are endless, and as unique as the person.

Here are a few areas that motivate people to use a coach.


Transformational based coaching is connected to who you are and what kind of person you want and need to be in your personal relationships, organization and business.


This usually takes place by searching for the root causes of which will enable you to create action steps that will help fundamentally shift in how you think, feel as well as behave.

Topics in this area can include

  • Formation of Spirituality;
  • Breaking free from cycles of anger, stress, anxieties, fear, self condemnation, etc;
  • Unhealthy habits and destructive relational patterns that prevent you from being your best self.


Performance based coaching is connected to where you are and where you want and need to be in your organization, community and personal relationships.


It is a process which helps you to ask questions, identify blindspots as well as generate ideas which in turn will help you to create an action plan and develop appropriate support structures to help you reach your performance related goals.

Topics in this area can include

  • Navigating life, organizational & leadership transitions;
  • Navigating issues related to starting up businesses and nonprofit/community groups and organizations;
  • Achieving personal and organizational goals;
  • Leadership and organizational development.


Relational based coaching is connected to how you relate to others in the various relationships you have in your personal, organizational and business life.


This involves exploring your relational dynamics and how to use these dynamics to overcome interpersonal issues and develop practical action steps to build healthy and productive relationships.

Topics can include

  • Family relationships such as improving your relationship with your partner and connecting with your children;
  • Knowing how to connect and deal with clients, employees, volunteers, colleagues, managers;
  • Enhancing your social life.

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I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is recognized as the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches.

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