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Inspire and help your organization grow in its capacity to live and lead well with a keynote or a workshop.

I can deliver customized workshops or keynotes according to your organization’s needs, drawing from my experience of over 20 years of pioneering and innovative leadership.


I have been described as a gifted communicator with a heart for those who have been marginalized by society, as well as having a heart for the church. I enjoy speaking to a broad range of people, having been involved in several cutting-edge ministries, organizations, and churches.

I bring a heartfelt, innovative, funny, and engaging message as a speaker who easily crosses boundaries, cultures, and denominational lines. I am available to share stories of journeying with folks on the edges and insights I learned from experience. Where appropriate, I share stories of finding God in surprising places and sharing from Scripture God’s heart for your organization and community.

Some themes I can talk about but not limited to include

  • Why should we care about the margins?
  • Everyone has a gift to share with the world
  • Participating in God’s Dream for our world
  • Practicing Radical Hospitality
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I offer a variety of workshops that can be delivered in many different settings, such as organizations, schools, and churches. These workshops can be customized according to your needs and are designed to help you to creatively live and lead well in an ever-changing world.


Some workshops I deliver include but not limited to

  • Cultivating Communities Where Everyone Has Value, Beauty & Significance
  • Finding God in Unexpected Places
  • Discovering Your Vocation
  • Conflict Resolution

These workshops are:

Practical! You will be able to apply what you learn right away.

Inspiring. These workshops are born from personal experience.

Fun! These workshops are designed to be highly engaging, with breakout groups and exercises to share and practice what you learn.

Personal. These workshops can be personalized to your group’s needs and schedule.

Organized to include time for questions and reflections. Every workshop includes time for questions and reflections to help you solidify your learning experience.

Down to earth. Complex/religious topics are explained and shared in everyday language.

Get In Touch

Get in touch today to find out how I can best serve your organization with a talk or a workshop!

Simply contact me using the contact form. Better yet, why not schedule a free Discovery Call to discuss how we can discuss your options.

What Organizations Are Saying…

(Rob) is an experienced and gifted leader, with a passion for inclusion and social justice… He is a compelling communicator and has great group facilitation skills. He has spoken at a number of our events, both in keynote and conversational settings, sharing stories and ideas, often from challenging contexts, with such sensitivity, humility and love. Being naturally collaborative, Rob is also a brilliant networker and is able to come alongside people and build mutual, meaningful relationships.

Carmel MurphyIncarnate Network

"Rob Schellert is a preacher with a big heart for Jesus and people, and has a dedication to what he wants to convey that extends to those who listen. When he spoke at our festival, we experienced him as a speaker with integrity and openness about personal experiences and reflections. He has great communication skills, he cares for his listeners and is adaptable to his audience, and he courageously conveys the exhortations of the gospel in a way that inspires and motivates."

Tåran ReindalSÅ Festival, Sub Church