“The third book in The Mission and Marginal Series looks at the lessons we can learn from the testimonies of people living and working on the margins of society.If you look hard enough you will find groups of Christians deeply embedded in the life of every city – serving faithfully, innovating in extraordinarily creative ways and living sacrificially. This book is the third in a six-volume series specifically exploring the theologies and practices that are arising as groups seek to follow Jesus in these challenging situations.

At the heart of the series are the core convictions that such involvement must prioritise the marginalised and socially excluded; that theology must be liveable and practical; and that mission studies benefit from engagement with insights from contemporary social science.”

A diverse and provocative collection of narratives, full of insight and reflective wisdom, skillfully introduced, curated and woven together to produce an excellent addition to this ground-breaking series.

Stuart Murray Williams, Urban Expression
Published Year: 2019
Publisher: Paternoster
ISBN: 978-1780781853