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Unleash your creative potential through the power of coaching.

Unlock your leadership potential with coaching.

Whether you are pioneering something new, leading an organization, or figuring out your next steps, I am here to come alongside you as a coach through ongoing intentional conversations.

These conversations will help you realize the possibilities that exist and help you see the wisdom and resources that you currently have to create a plan toward realizing your creative and leadership potential.


As a coach, I specialize in personal, leadership, and organizational development, creative entrepreneurial startups that benefit the wider community, pioneering new forms of faith-based communities, and navigating life’s transitions.



  • Tap into your creative self;
  • (re)Awaken your imagination as well as your hopes and dreams;
  • Think outside of the box;
  • Explore and navigate uncharted territories;


  • Grow personally and professionally as a leader;
  • Navigate your blindspots;
  • (re)Discover your calling, values, and natural giftings;
  • Develop your organization and those you lead;


  • Discern what’s next for you;
  • Take steps to finish well;
  • Navigate cross-cultural boundaries;
  • Embrace change as an opportunity rather than a threat or something to be feared.

These coaching sessions will help you



Identify assets and resources that already exists within you and your organization;

Gain new insights and tools to help you reach your potential;

Develop new practices that will help you live and lead well;

Create a practical and holistic roadmap that will help you get where you want to be in your personal and professional life.

Schedule A Free Discovery Call

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a free discovery call and learn how I can partner with you to help you achieve your goals so you can creatively live and lead well! Coaching conversations are held online via Zoom or in person in Portland, Oregon, USA.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is recognized as the world’s largest organization of professionally trained coaches.

What Clients Are Saying…

Rob is super helpful at being an active listener. In coaching sessions, just like in other arenas of life with Rob, he creates a safe place to be heard and to hear oneself talk things out that usually leads to new enlightenment, insight and/or actionable steps to take next. He asks great questions to make you think about the things motivating your actions and decisions. He helped me articulate the fears and hindrances keeping me from addressing my goals so that I could look for ways to move through them. He always made me think through the support I would need to try my action steps and how I would celebrate my accomplishments, which I really appreciated. I highly recommend coaching with Rob!

Rev V.B.Church Minister

“In a particular project I hit a wall. Experience indicated a need for a professional outside of my work sphere who could provide an objective view, the ability to listen and ask questions. Rob was that professional coach for me. Rob possesses the skill to listen and ask questions. He has presence and awareness to gather the threads and challenge assumptions. By working with Rob over several months I was able to sort through a lot of information, find clarity in what I wanted to communicate and I walked away with next steps that my team could hold me accountable for. Rob is highly recommended!“

J.H.Small Business Entrepreneur

Rob was just what I needed at an important time in my life. His gentle but persistent manner helped me order my thoughts and values, and subsequently my life.”

Rev S.H.Church Minister

Rob was an attentive coach during a rough time of my life. He listened well, kept me focused, asked the deeper questions I wasn’t asking myself, and he helped me to see that the life I wanted was inside of me all along – one bite-sized and self-directed task at a time.

Rev. E.C.Hospital Chaplain

Rob has been coaching me for the past year. He’s helped me discover leadership strengths and untapped gifts that I’ve been able to put into practice. The coaching he’s providing me has been a gift during a challenging year.

M.S.Nonprofit CEO

I chose to pursue coaching as I was finding it difficult to adjust not only to a new role at work but also to a new direction for the whole team. I had so many areas that needed improvement that I felt very disorientated. Rob did an amazing job of picking apart the puzzle and taking each piece one at a time. He moved at a pace that I found comfortable and allowed me to go in which ever direction I felt that I needed help with. My management team have been so impressed with the turnaround and for me that speaks volumes.

K.C.Senior Team Leader in a Large Company

Rob has been a helpful coach during this crucial season. He maintains a professional posture while simultaneously encouraging me and challenging me to explore topics to unearth the complexity that causes so much unnecessary weight. He makes his clients feel safe to discover insights and consistently helps them progress through clear action steps. I recommend Rob to others looking for a positive coaching experience to process and see progress in their personal and professional life.

B.R.Organizational Leader