We all want to live a life that has meaning and purpose, that makes a difference in small and big ways in our personal life as well as in the lives of our families, organizations and the wider community.

We have dreams and ideas about what this might look like but sometimes we find ourselves not sure how to make it happen or how to take things to the next level. Or we might find ourselves or the organization we are part of in a season of change where it might be challenging to figure out what’s next.

As a coach, I want to help you bring clarity to what’s next for you…

Whether you are an organization or business leader, faith leader, community organizer or in a career transition, my aim is to come alongside and walk with you through this liminal time and help bring clarity to what actions you need to take next to achieve your goals.

The coaching journey is about you!

  • The coach doesn’t talk but listens to you!
  • The coach doesn’t give information but asks you questions.
  • The coach doesn’t offer ideas but generates ideas from you.
  • The coach doesn’t share their story but taps into your strengths and experiences.
  • The coach doesn’t present solutions but helps expand your thinking.
  • The coach doesn’t give recommendations but empowers you to choose.

As a coach, my role involves providing a safe space for your to have doubts, ask questions and help you see and identify potential blind spots as well as to empower you to make good decisions on what action to take next!

Some Areas I Can Coach You Through:

Navigating life’s transitions

Navigating organizational transitions

Navigating leadership transitions

Navigating issues related to church planting/missional endeavors

Navigating issues related to starting up nonprofit/community groups/organizations

Achieving organizational results

Achieving personal goals

Developing leaders/ leadership skills

Schedule A Free Consultation

It is essential that we experience a good connection on order for the coaching process to work. So please go ahead and schedule a free consultation so we can talk through what you are hoping to achieve, what I have to offer, and to see if we are a good fit. Coaching conversations are held online using Zoom or in person in the Portland Oregon USA area.

What Others Are Saying…

Rob was an excellent coach for me. He helped me find new approaches to tackle old challenges through his effective use of questions that guided me to find my own answers. Rob helped me set and reach several meaningful goals over our short time working together. I highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for some added support to help them reach their goals.

Derek Fenwick

Rob is super helpful at being an active listener. In coaching sessions, just like in other arenas of life with Rob, he creates a safe place to be heard and to hear oneself talk things out that usually leads to new enlightenment, insight and/or actionable steps to take next. He asks great questions to make you think about the things motivating your actions and decisions. He helped me articulate the fears and hindrances keeping me from addressing my goals so that I could look for ways to move through them. He always made me think through the support I would need to try my action steps and how I would celebrate my accomplishments, which I really appreciated. I highly recommend coaching with Rob!” 

The Rev. Vivian Brocato