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Inspiring conversations with pioneers, change makers and social entrepreneurs who are creatively making a difference in their communities.

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Listen in as I talk with friends from around the world as they share their stories and reflect on their experiences and what they have learned along the way in doing good on the Rumors of Doing Good podcast.

These conversations feature everyday heroes  who are often making a difference away from the limelight.

These Conversations Are:

Intentionally short, allowing you to listen whenever you find the time

Inspiring: Find encouragement as you hear stories of success and failures about how folks got started, and find inspiration for engaging with your community.

Diverse. Hear stories from ordinary folks worldwide seeking to do good, from diverse backgrounds, and engaging with a broad range of contexts and issues.

Stimulating. These conversations are designed to be reflective. As you listen to the discussions, you will find yourself reflecting on stories and issues raised from the discussions, as well as reflecting on your community.

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What Listeners Are Saying…

These two gentlemen hold so much wisdom. I appreciate their stories and the conversations they are having with people involved in doing good on earth. Don’t wait!


Loved this podcast that gives a voice to many Christians who don't fit into the normal church box. This is a perfect place for those who often find Jesus on the margins of society. The hosts are quirky and cool. I dig it.


I enjoy the Rumors of Doing Good podcast. It’s so insightful and especially love that it feature folks who may not always be featured in this kind of podcast!


Rob and Ken have put together something beautiful in this podcast, offering the stories of people we might never hear about who are doing amazing things (often very simply) in their communities.