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S1 E10

When Caring for Others Lead to Burnout…

part II

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Sometimes in doing good we find ourselves in situations where the environment is unpredictable, hostile, where the demands are overwhelming, and the social support is sorely lacking. When this happens, the joy of caring for our neighbors can become difficult. When we’re running on empty, it’s hard to continue to care for others when we find ourselves worn out. It’s not a personal failing or a flaw, it’s simply a matter of being human.

Join Ken & Rob in part II of their conversation as they share their experiences of burnout and how they dealt with it. In today’s episode, Rob concludes the conversation by sharing how he experienced burnout after finding himself journeying with the activist community that was highly unpredictable, at times hostile, the needs being overwhelming while under-supported by the church.

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Some Ideas on How to Handle Burnout

1. Practice tuning into your physical and emotional needs with respect.

In doing good, especially when we have a sense of mission or when the needs are great and overwhelming, it is so easy to suppress our feelings and keep on doing what we feel called to do. It takes time and practice to learn, listen and respect to what our bodies and emotions are telling us.

2. Be honest with how you feel and turn the compassion you have for others toward yourself.

It might be helpful to start by imagining what we would tell a friend or a partner if they were suffering, and speak to ourselves in the way we would speak to them.

3. Remind yourself that nurturers and caregivers need care too.

As folks who engage in doing good in our community, we need to remind ourselves that we can’t love our neighbors if we don’t take the time to love ourselves.

4. Take time to enjoy the things you enjoy.

It is important to take some time to rest and do things that bring you life – whether its music, sports, reading, films or hanging out with friends