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S3 E5

Vivian Labib Nouer

Empowering Folks in the Margins through Social Entrepreneurship

In today’s conversation, Ken and Rob are joined by Vivian Labib Nouer, an award winning artist and social entrepreneur from Cairo, Egypt. Initially an interior designer, she decided to combine her skills in marketing and interest in the arts to showcase local artists struggling to market themselves.

However on a life-changing trip to Upper (read lower) Egypt, Vivian encountered many poor families who depended on the women of the family for economic survival. Moved with compassion, she decided to use Charisma Arts as a way of empowering these women to sell their art and handicraft by giving them a platform to share and sell their art so they can support their families. Since then the artisans Vivian has empowered as a social entrepreneur have grown to include refugees, prisoners, orphans and other folks who find themselves marginalized.

About Vivian:

Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Vivian graduated from Helwan University’s Fine Arts College. She worked as a graphic designer, interior designer and then as a marketing manager for various companies before starting Charisma Arts. Vivian has won numerous awards for her work including being recognized by the Egyptian Culture of Ministry for distinguished cultural projects in 2009.

In our conversation, Vivian talks about being invited to give a talk at TedxCairo in 2014 on the role of art in serving society. You can watch her Tedx talk here:

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