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S04 E03

Johanna Puirava

Providing A Mobile Resting Place for Vulnerable Folks in Helsinki

S4 E3 - S4 E3 Johanna Puirava - Providing A Mobile Resting Place for Vulnerable Folks in Helsinki

In today’s conversation we are joined by Johanna Puirava from Helsinki, Finland where she started  Levähdyspaikka (Finnish for Resting Place), a mobile outreach program for those struggling with homelessness and substance abuse out of the back of her Volvo.  The underlying vision of Levähdyspaikka is the idea that every person is created and precious by God, and deserves to be heard and seen. Join us as Johanna and I talk about what drew her into social work and  how an internship in New York City helped prepared her to start Levähdyspaikka.

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Johanna’s Bio:

Johanna sees herself as an urban missionary from Finland. She has worked on the streets of NYC and of Helsinki for the past 15 years reaching out to those in need. She is a wife and a mom to two little boys. She loves to get to know new people and places.

About Levähdyspaikka:

Levähdyspaikka is a travelling mobile outreach that operates from a van. The van transforms into a coffee shop that offers people the opportunity to experience the connection and get information about different services.

It provides a bridge from the street to services, especially for homeless people and people with substance abuse problems, although help and support is available to anyone. Guidance and information is shared  on various services for substance abusers, homeless people, people with criminal backgrounds, low-income people, etc. They also people with a place to rest with a cup of coffee and experience contact. The van has a “office” where an employee can talk to the client in peace. Guests also have access to a computer. Clean clothes are distributed on the street to those who need them.

For more info visit their website here.