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S04 E02

The Joys & Struggles of Seeing Our Disabilities as a Gift

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Navigating life with a disability presents profound challenges, often catching us off guard. We all tend to take our health for granted—until it’s gone. Then, it’s all too easy to obsess over what we’ve lost. But while we can’t wish away our limitations, we can change the way we think about our disabilities.

Join us as we reflect on our growing awareness of our respective disabilities and what it means for our lives, especially for Ken as he makes some changes in life such as stepping back from the Rumors of Doing Good podcast due to recent health setbacks.  Through our conversation we come to the realization how our disabilities have shaped who we are and the unique gift we have to share with the world.

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Show Notes:

In today’s conversation, we mentioned the book, My Body Is Not a Prayer Request by Amy Kenny.

Written by a disabled Christian, this book shows that the church is missing out on the prophetic witness and blessing of disability. Kenny reflects on her experiences inside the church to expose unintentional ableism and cast a new vision for Christian communities to engage disability justice. She shows that until we cultivate church spaces where people with disabilities can fully belong, flourish, and lead, we are not valuing the diverse members of the body of Christ.

More info about the book can be found here.

We also talked about Disability Pride Month, which occurs worldwide in the month of July.

It originated in the United States to commemorate the passing of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in July 1990. More info about Disability Pride Month can be found here.