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S04 E01

Life Is a Series of Transitions and This Is One of Them

Rumors of Doing Good Podcast: S1 E4 - Life Is a Series of Transitions and This Is One of Them

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Rob & Ken kick off season four of Rumors of Doing Good with a short but poignant conversation about navigating life’s transitions such as stepping into new opportunities and recent health challenges.

Reflecting on the mantra of never letting the pressure exceed the pleasure, they share about the need to sometime make changes in their lives in order to continue doing good and still do the things that brings them joy.

Join the conversation as Ken & Rob reflect on the impact this new season of life is having on their lives, their friendship as well as those who are near and dear to them.

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Show Notes:

In today’s episode we talked about one of the overriding mantras that help guide our podcast which is to never let the pressure to exceed the pleasure. This helps us to keep the podcast fun and to remind us that our friendship is more important than the podcast itself.

While we wish we could claim that we came up with the mantra, credit belongs to Joe Maddon who coached the Chicago Cubs baseball team to their first World Series Championship in over a hundred years in 2016. Throughout his tenure with the Cubs, Maddon would often have a mantra or theme for the team for each season to help the team stay focused.