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S2 E6

Annika Spalde

Becoming a Vegan as a Way of Showing Care for Creation

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In today’s conversation Rob and Ken are joined by Annika Spalde from Vadstena, Sweden. Annika is a deacon in the church of Sweden as well as an activist for peace, animal rights as well as climate change.

One of the many ways she commits to doing good is by practicing veganism which is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly refraining from eating anything made from animal products as well as rejecting the idea of seeing animals as a commodity. Join us as she shares with us her journey of becoming a vegan and how caring for animals in this way is connected to her spirituality.

She has published a number of books, among them A Heart on Fire and together with her husband Pelle Strindlund, Every Creature a Word of God. In 2006 she helped start a Swedish version of the Christian Vegetarian Association, called Vildåsnan.

She is currently involved in the start up of a new monastic community inspired by Saint Benedict and the environmental movement.

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