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S2 E4

John Friedrick

Living in a Small Town Where Everyone Knows Your Name

In today’s conversation Ken and Rob are joined by artist and musician John Friedrick from Silverton, Oregon USA, a rural town where he has lived for the last 13 years, pastoring Oak Street Church.

Listen in as John shares about the joys of getting to know his neighbors, including starting an annual arts event focusing on inclusion and participation, and the challenges of seeking to do good in a small town where everyone knows his name.

John is interested in the relationship between nature and spirituality. He believes that the church urgently needs to cultivate humility for the good of our planet, believing that loving our neighbors includes loving generations that come after us. He received a B.S. in Community Development from OSU in 2017 and is currently shopping for the right grad program.

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Intro/Outro music by skinfiltr8r.