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S1 E12

Blessi Kumar

Making Space for Folks with Tuberculosis in the Developing World

In today’s conversation Rob & Ken are joined by Blessi Kumar, a health activist from New Delhi, India. For the past ten years, Blessi has been passionately advocating on behalf of folks with TB in the developing world. She is the co-founder of the Global Coalition of TB Activists which seeks to destigmatize as well as create space at the table for folks with TB when it comes to policies, healthcare as well as social norms. Listen in to Blessi’s story of journeying with folks with TB as well as why this is such an important issue in the developing world.

The Global Coalition of TB Activists have produced a series of books entitled Conversations of Resilience in the War Against TB, sharing stories of children, women and men with TB who have experienced stigma. Their stories can be read/downloaded here:

Childhood TB and Stigma

Women and Stigma

Men and Stigma

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