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S04 E04

Eric Knox

Mentoring Students of Color & Why It Matters

Eric’s Bio:

Eric grew up in Inglewood, CA and moved to Oregon on a basketball scholarship to Oregon State University. After college he put down roots in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, he founded an organization in the 1990’s called Urban Progress. Urban Progress was featured in the Skanner, which is the oldest-owned black newspaper company in Portland, OR runner-up recipient to the prestigious “Drum Major for Justice” award handed out to those making a difference in marginalized neighborhoods. He then went on to found HOLLA.

About HOLLA:

The mission of HOLLA is to  change the narrative of youth of color through culturally responsive relationships.

HOLLA is a mentorship movement that connects with families, administrators, teachers, and nonprofits to recognize the power and potential of Black and Brown youth.

HOLLA mentors engage relationally with students both in and out of school. Tney provide opportunities for representation, enrichment and exposure through athletics, arts, aviation, outdoors and college preparation. Relationships with the mentors are equally important, they spend time in on-going leadership development and community with mentors throughout the year.

For more info about HOLLA, including supporting the work and  becoming a mentor, visit