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S04 E05

Ariatna Karlet

Participating in the Rebuilding of Venezuela by Starting a Clothing Business

S4 E5 Ariatna Karlet

In today’s conversation, I am joined by Ariatna Karlet, a 24 year old remarkable entrepreneur from Colonia Tovar, Venezuela. Ariatna started Monos, a casual clothing company in the midst of recent social, political and economic turmoil in Venezuela. Through her business, Ariatna hopes to provide quality clothing as well as jobs while supporting herself and her family in order to help rebuild and bring about healing for her country.

Today’s conversation is translated by Wolfgang Fernandez, founding director of Next Step. Originally born in Venezuela, Wolfgang seeks to come alongside and equip social entrepreneurs such as Ariatna Karlet, as well as providing essential supplies for those struggling with poverty and supporting farmers in developing sustainable agriculture practices.

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Intro/Outro music by skinfiltr8r.

Ariatna’s Bio:

Ariatna Karlet is a publicist, marketer and Community Manager. Shei is also study modeling and currently CEO of Monos, a casual style clothing store. Her love for sewing and fashion drives her to innovate in this  sector, always seeking to align her projects with the will of God. She is excited about the road ahead and for the opportunities we are developing to create job opportunities for fellow citizens.



Next Step

Ariatna celebrating the opening of her business on December 10 2023.

Ariatna with her Mom and and her Grandmother, who also work with Monos as seamstresses.