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S1 E6

Mark Seger

Facilitating Community Dinners in Vertical Neighborhoods

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In today’s conversation, Rob & Ken are joined by Mark Seger who facilitates Community Dinners in low income apartment buildings in Portland Oregon USA.

Mark lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two kids.  He met his wife Tracy in Dublin, Ireland where they worked together in the burough of Rialto leading children, teens and young adult community services with Liberty Community Church.  Seven years later they moved to Chandler, AZ to serve a church plant and run cafes.  God gave them a green light to plant a church in Portland where they made an absolute mess of things.  That is where their “divine do-over” started.  Community Dinners was born from a “Forge” listening exercise where their neighbors told them what good news looks like in the neighborhood.  They’ve been been adventuring in Oregon since 2009.

For more info on Community Dinners, please visit the Community Dinners website here.

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