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The House Party is a gathering of Jesus followers, who live, work or have a heart for those of us in the margins. 

We seek to embody the Good News in innovative and creative ways. This weekend will provide an inclusive space for those who often find themselves on the edge of existing structures and regularly under the radar.

Throughout the weekend, we create space to share stories, play with new ideas, learn from one another, and offer solidarity. We hope this will be a time to rest, connect, and reflect. Nature, shared meals, time for solitude, etc., are loosely planned for the weekend.


Located a three-minute walk from the beach, we will stay at a large five-bedroom house in Cannon Beach, Oregon, for the weekend in shared accommodation (maximum two per room).


Accommodation includes bedding, pillows and towels.

Nearby are several coffeeshops, brewhouses, and stores as well.


Part of our time will involve preparing meals together to keep costs low. We anticipate an additional $20 per person for the weekend to cover the cost of food.

There is a real significant chance that the cost of food will decrease as we have been able to source delicious food for the past few years!

Dates for the 2024 House Party will be announced in early 2024.


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What Participants Have Said…

It was a sweet and refreshing time to relax and hang out with peers who are doing faith community in new ways. It was spiritual and inspirational. The only glitch: it was too short!


The House Party I attended & co-lead was amazing!!! Time away with quality people at Cannon Beach, OR was a dream come true! The sessions listening & learning from one another was priceless! The fun by the beach fire in the light rain was joy-filled! And the food - all donated & sourced by friends - was some of the most quality & yummy food I've ever had "on retreat"! And making meals togethee helped me build connections with people I didn't know well! I'd come back for future ones, even if I was not co- facilitating!

Vivian BrocatoReverend